Coaching for emotional blocks, loss and expression

Coaching based on your own insight is a renewed look at your inner self, reflecting on the outside.
Do your emotions feel blocked, do you struggle to express yourself or cope with loss? Through insight into your own inner emotional life, you get a better grip on your life.

Learning to put into words what is bothering you, releasing the tension stuck in your body, has a liberating effect.

This form of coaching is therefore for anyone who wants to learn or experience more about themselves and their own emotional life.
Even if you don’t have major help questions and want to know more , I am happy to help you.
During an open conversation combined with various techniques, I teach you how to listen to your body and everything you feel in it.  
I coach you to come out to emotions that are blocking you, and with these emotions and insights we move forward.

My coaching focuses on how you feel and how to express yourself better in the world.

Coaching is available both physically and digitally in Dutch, English and French.  Conversations are confidential and privacy is guaranteed.

If you are interested, please contact me via the contact form.

‘My goal is to help people understand themselves better, because where there is understanding, change can happen.’

Silvie Hurkmans